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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free Titlation for a Bit

My erotic short story, One Torrid Beginning, is currently being offered for free on Smashwords.  Hopefully that will allow Amazon to offer it free as well at some point. After a few weeks, it will carrying a charge once again.  This e-book publishing is a bit daunting for someone who would rather be soaking in a tub - either alone, or with one or even two others.  I've never been good at the technical aspect of online anything. I much prefer lavender salts and a no tech candle.  And, if I could I'd write only with a quill- except a quill doesn't come with spellcheck.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dressing up for Halloween???

My erotic short story One Horny Halloween, features costumes and great sex --something I am very familiar with. Once upon a time I had a wonderful lover who enjoyed wearing costumes. I never knew who would show up at my door - a construction worker, a policeman, a doctor.  He was great fun and I miss him.  I'll always remember not only the anticipation, and terrific sex, but the sense of play.  Sex shouldn't be so serious, should it?  Dress up this Halloween, even if it's only for yourself.  And if you want to be a naughty nurse, and you're a size 4x or 74 years old, go for it. You deserve a treat.  We all do.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 Star Review

Receiving a good review is always fun - receiving a four star review for an erotica story is more than that. It's life affirming.  There is something about sharing your fantasies aligning with other's like flirting without being in the same room.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doing Something New

It's always fun to try new things -especially when it comes to erotica writing and living.  I believe that expectations are what keeps us going...the planning of a journey, the possibilities of the moment, the unexpected.  Writing a daily blog will be new for me but I hear it's one way to promote my erotica, written under Leia Mann available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Since I have decided to keep my real name a secret a blog will be a helpful tool.  Perhaps someday I will be brave enough to admit I share my fantasies on the page..but not today.  :)