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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Writing Erotica During the Holidays

Only a few family members know of my sideline gig,,,,that of writing erotica.  The rest only know that I do something very odd for a living -make people laugh.  They still don't take me seriously as a comedian. My Aunt always asks, "Are you still doing  your little shows?"  I answer, "Do you mean the little shows in Las Vegas, Auntie?  Yes, I am."

They're not trying to be rude. They don't  understand that someone can not be famous and yet still make a living in the arts.  I've tried to explain it over and over to them that my need to perform is not a stage I am going through.  That I will not give it up one day for a job with benefits.

I would hate to have to also explain why I write erotica.  If I did so, I would have to endure even more holiday conversations.."Leia, are you still writing your little dirty stories?"  "Do you mean the tales of bisexuals and three-ways? Yes Auntie, I am. Thank you for asking, and please pass the turkey."

I like keeping my erotica somewhat private, after being so public with my other career.  Telling dirty stories and weaving tales of fantasy is just something I do for me...and for you.

Here's an early Christmas present.  My short story One Torrid Beginning is currently free on Amazon..

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